Pacific Wednesday TV Schedule
12:00 AM JAY SEKULOW   Jay Sekulow
  1:00 AM WORD FOR TODAY DAILY   Chuck Smith
  1:30 AM JOURNEY DAILY   Jack Hibbs
  2:00 AM 700 CLUB  
  3:00 AM BRAD DACUS    Brad Dacus
  4:00 AM WASHINGTON WATCH    Tony Perkins
  5:00 AM ANSWERS FOR TODAY  Host: Terry Reynolds
  5:30 AM TRUTH THAT TRANSFORMS  Jennifer & Jerry
  7:00 AM GREENBERG REPORT   Host: Steve Greenberg
  7:30 AM POWER POINT   Jack Graham
  8:00 AM THE CONNECTION DAILY   Skip Heitzig
  8:30 AM WORD FOR TODAY DAILY   Chuck Smith
  9:00 AM JAY SEKULOW LIVE   Jay Sekulow
10:00 AM TBA  
11:00 AM BRAD DACUS LIVE  Brad Dacus
12:00 PM 700 CLUB  
  1:00 PM TODAYS BIBLE QUESTIONS LIVE   Professor Craig Hawkins
  2:00 PM WASHINGTON WATCH LIVE   Tony Perkins
  3:00 PM CHRIST IN PROPHECY   Dr. David Reagan
  3:30 PM ANSWERS FOR TODAY   Terry Renyolds
  4:00 PM TBA   
  5:00 PM TODAYS BIBLE QUESTIONS    Professor Craig Hawkins
  6:00 PM BIBLE PROPHECY  Don Perkins
  6:30 PM GRACE TO YOU   John MacArthur
  7:00 PM BIBLE STUDY LIVE   Jack Hibbs
  8:45 PM NATIONAL UPDATE   Roger Marsh
  9:00 PM WORD FOR TODAY DAILY   Chuck Smith
  9:30 PM MIKE TEACHING   Mike Macintosh
10:00 PM BRAD DACUS    Brad Dacus
11:00 PM TBA